Going Green

We love our planet! We’re working hard to lessen our footprint, and promise to keep pushing to make new strides. Thank you for standing with us as we look to the future.


This is where we are today:

• Switching to compostable take-out bags. These bags are made from a resin derived from corn and plant starches, when placed in a compost environment they will degrade in 180 days or less

• We are moving towards zero-waste. By separating our food scraps from other garbage, we are diverting compostable, organic material from ending up in a landfill.

• Cans, bottles, cardboard, and plastics are recycled.

• Cooking oil is recycled and used to produce clean energy.

• Fresh, quality ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible.



Little Szechwan is committed to extending hospitality beyond the walls of our restaurant and into the community, with a focus on cultural and educational neighborhood organizations.